Monday, January 26, 2009

Strawberry Cough one of many great medical strains !!

Have you ever been on a quest to find the perfect strain ?

Well I just might have found the one for me! It is called

strawberry cough and I'm sure many of you have tried it before.

for those of you who haven't had the opportunity it is a very sweet

smoke with a fruity essence similar to strawberries ! Hence the name.

It's also laden with trichomes and probably has about 15-18% thc content.

so i would recommend this one to you all.. and remember be responsible when smoking so you don't draw attention to us medical and recreational pot smoker's

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Marijuana Vs. Breast cancer

A recent study shows promising results for the fight against breast cancer.
One special little cannibinoid proves to be fighting the Id-1 gene found in metastatic
cancer cells. The CBD slows down this gene which is responsible for controlling
the growth factor of these cancer cell. Also they may be able to use this practice
for Brain and prostate cancer as well..Thank you Cannibinoids
Here is a link to the full story.

Greenhouse seed co. (super lemon haze)

This strain is a magical strain right from mother earth
and a lot of work on arjan's behalf
it is a very spicy lemon flavor with a dank haze under tone
i believe this was the perfect choice for the 21st. cannabis cup
winner. I have been told this works very well for regaining your appetite.
thank you Greenhouse seed co. for all your dedication.

What make's Marijuana effective for treating pain ?

This is a THC molecule (tetrahydrocannibinal)
one of about 60 cannibinoids found in MJ.
when a human injests THC it mimics the
endogenous cannibinoids that occur naturally
in the brain.The receptors pick up these cannibinoids and in a matter of seconds you can feel the physiological effects. therefore effectively
treating pain or nausea with chemicals that are safe to the human body rather than using a man-
made manufactured chemical that does occur in the human body.

why we all should vaporize our medical marijuana

  1. Vaporization produces no combustion byproducts such as carbon monoxide, tar or other carcinogenic elements
  2. Vapor is considerably cooler than smoke and less likely to damage lung tissue
  3. Vaporization provides a purer, more concentrated effect and requires less of the substance than if smoked or ingested
  4. The substance is not degraded by digestive acids before entering the blood
  5. There are no fillers or buffers as with pills
  6. Vaporization acts quickly. The substance enters bloodstream more quickly than most methods
  7. There is no danger of contaminated needles as in injections
  8. Digital precision and the rapid onset of effect help to establish an exact dose specific to each dose.

cotton candy strain

This particular strain is used for head aches/back pain
i myself have used this and found it to be quite
useful for many other common ailments including my asthma
i know it is ironic to use MJ for asthma but the chemical properties 
of THC tend to open the airways by combating
inflammation of lung tissue.
                                  thankyou to the creator of this strain!!
Hello everyone this blog is about medical marijuana
feel free to post comments about your opinion
or any facts or myths about using 
cannabis for medical use.

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