Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tips For Growing Marijuana for Beginners !

Tips for Growing Good Marijuana and Pot Indoors Safely !
A How to Grow Weed Indoors…Safety Guide with Tips for Beginners ! It is very important to Follow
These Tips when Growing Ganja to keep you, your family, and your home safe.
Note: the Tips for Beginners listed below are not in any order of importance just make sure you stick to these Marijuana Growing Tips.

  • Marijuana Genetics- The quality of the Weed you end up with greatly depends on what type of Pot genetics you start with. So always Plant the Best Marijuana Seeds you can get a hold of. Also remember to store your Pot Seeds in a cool dry place.

  • Proper Growing Enviroment-Things like Ventilating your Marijuana Grow Room and The Humidity Level and also How hot your Grow Room is, can affect your Pot Garden by reducing Bud size by up to 50%.

  • Good Soil / Nutrient Solution- Whether you plan on using Organic soil, Soil with chemical Nutrients or even clay pellets to Grow your Marijuana Hydroponicaly in a Nutrient Solution remember to never mix two different recipe’s cause it could damage your Pot Garden.
    Never Over Fertilize Over-Feeding your Marijuana Plants can Burn the Leaves of your Pot Plants. Also it can lead to a Harsh Smoking Final Product.

  • Proper Lighting- Artificial Light for Your Ganja Grow Room can come with many names like (CFL) which stands for compact flourescent lighting, (MHL) which is Metal-Halide lighting, Or (MVL) which Is Mercury Vapor lighting. You can use CFL’s for your vegetative stage which works great and for your Flowering stage if you have enough wattage, But a MHL or a MVL will increase Resin Production during the Blooming stage.

  • Keep Your Growroom Clean- Maintaining the cleanliness of your grow area by picking up dead Pot Leaves from the ground and moping up water puddles can decrease the opportunity for mold growth on your Marijuana Plants.

  • Proper Disposal of Trash- Rounding up all your empty soil bags, Nutrient containers, left over sheets of reflective mylar (used to line grow room walls) or anything related to your Growroom or Marijuana Growing and disposing of them at some place other than where your Growing this Ganja Garden wil slightly decrease your chances of being caught or robbed and burglarized.

  • Proper Flushing of the Marijuana- This process involves feeding your marijuana nothing but water for the last two weeks before Harvesting Marijuana. This removes chemicals like nitrogen and phosphorous thus leading to a cleaner healthier better tasting and smelling Marijuana with a Better High.

  • Harvesting your Marijuana- you will want to Harvest your Weed at the right moment when THC production is at it’s highest and right before the THC begins to degrade. The key factor in determining this is when the pistils (the things that look like hairs) start to turn orange or amber or red you want to Harvest your Pot Plants when about 50% of the pistils turn color from green to one of the colors I mentioned. Getting this down to an exact science will dramatically improve the Quality of your marijuana.

  • Never Tell- anyone about your Cannabis Grow op or ask questions about Marijuana Cultivation to anyone always get the information form sources on the internet or Cannabis Culture Magazine’s and never tell that you are planning on Growing Marijuana Pot Cannabis or Weed.

Marijuana Price Index (Febuary)

Marijuana Price Index (Febuary)

Note the MPI reports Marijuana Prices by the ounce, the strain, and the location.

Current U.S
Average cost per ounce of Marijuana is: 395$
Average cost per ounce of High Grade Pot is 485$
Average cost per ounce of Mid Grade Pot is 260$

  • Arkansas: Kush 450$

  • California: Purple Kush 320$ , Grandaddy Purple 240$ , Afghani 240$

  • Colorado: Mexican Shwag 60$

  • Florida: Local Mids 165$ , White Widow 400$

  • Georgia: Northern Lights 400$ , Orange Kush 250$

  • Illinois: Northern Lights 350$

  • Kansas: Purple Kush 700$

  • Massachusetts: Sour Diesel 500$ , Kali Mist 400$ , Durban Poison 425$ , Chernobyl 425$

  • Michigan: Lemon Skunk 350$

  • Mssouri: Shwag 70$

  • Montana: Northern Lights 425$

  • Nebraska: Juicy Fruit 300$ , Blonde Hash 585$

  • New Jersey: Hydro 300$ , Sour Diesel 425$ , LA Confidential 500$

  • New York: TrainWreck 475$ , Sour Diesel 550$

  • Ohio: Mids 150$

  • Oregon: AK-47 500$ , White Haze 500$

  • Pennsylvania: Sensi Star 500$ , Skunk 325$

  • Tennessee: Strawberry Cough 450$ , Alaskan Thunderfuck 420$

  • Texas: Granddaddy Purple Kush 750$

  • Virginia: Strawberry Cough 275$

  • Washington: Local Bubble Hash 1,120$

  • Wisconsin: Bubble Jack 300$

To submit Marijuana Prices from your local area post a comment with your state,strain,and price per ounce to Medical Marijuana Guide .

Monday, February 9, 2009

Making Hash from kief crystals !!

1.So get yourself one of kief boxes or a four piece grinders. will need some wax paper.
3.also you will need newspaper
5.and an oven.
This is what you will need to make Hash from Kief Crystals !
Step one:
Save up all your Kief Crystals
Step two:
Make a small envelope from the wax paper
Step three:
Preheat your oven to 125*
Step four:
Place all your Kief Crystals in your wax envelope. Wrap it in wet newspaper and put your Kief Crystals in the oven for ten minutes.
Step five:
Take out your Kief Crystals and compress them in the middle of a thick book to cool off
Step six:
Smoke your Hash that you made from Kief Crystals!!

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